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Why Did We Choose a Falcon?

To us, the falcon is a symbol of wisdom, or a higher perspective. The ancient Egyptians had similarly high praise for the falcon. Horus was one of their most important gods and was often symbolized by a falcon.

Wisdom is therefore the guiding principle of our company. But what does wisdom mean in the context of SEO? To us, it means a few things:

1. Longevity

The Google algorithm is constantly changing. This means that a wise approach to SEO will work no matter what Google does. How can we guarantee this? Because we will be building your company a web presence that mimics any other successful and trusted business on the web. We focus on making sure your web presence is easy for Google to find and understand.

2. Trust

Trust is one of the cornerstones of Google's search algorithm. When we do SEO, we use methods that will build trust in both the eyes of Google and in the eyes of your customers.

3. Traffic

The main goal of SEO should be to increase traffic through Google. At metafalcon however, we use methods that will create traffic from other sources simultaneously. This means traffic via things like local maps, local directories, articles, and social media.


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