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What the Heck is SEO Anyways?

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines play a huge role in modern-day life. What did you do the last time you needed a local service like plumbing or computer repair? If you’re anything like me, you searched on Google!

This is exactly what we specialize in: ranking websites on Google. Search engines rank websites according to their own algorithms, or a specific set of rules…

In a lot of ways, Google tries to keep these rules a mystery…but we think we’ve got them pretty well figured out!

7 Things that Affect Rankings You Maybe Never Considered

There are lots of weird things that end up affecting your ranking on Google. We’ve listed out seven below:


Metadata is often invisible to users browsing your website. Still, it can have a big effect on things like your Google search results. Your results on Google are defined by each page’s meta titles and meta descriptions. Metadata also affects the way your site is previewed on places like Facebook or Twitter. (Like what picture pops up.) Finally, metadata can give important information to Google that it can’t get anywhere else. For example, the “sameAs” schema tells Google that multiple web presences are connected to the same owner or brand.


Social media has completely transformed the way humanity interacts. Search engines are therefore increasingly using social media to determine rankings. Large social media sites have extremely high domain authority. This means it’s important to have a social media profile on all of the high profile networks linking back to your site. In addition, social signals are starting to play a huge role in search rankings. (Think Facebook likes.)


The Google algorithm may be smart, but it does have a really hard time with some specific things. For one, it has a lot of trouble figuring out what an image is about! Keywords strategically placed in the file name may be one of the very few ways it can figure that out.


A big part of ranking is about building trust with Google. Certain signals can be a strong indication to Google that you are a real business and that the information about your business is correct. One of the ways to signal this is to have many places across the internet that have your Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) properly filled out. This often takes place on local directories. In local Rochester SEO, this is referred to as having enough “citations.”


Google is primarily concerned with the user experience. It wants to reward websites that provide high-quality content. But how can it tell the quality of writing on a website? Similar to the issue of images, Google cannot read content like a human, and must rely on more simple heuristics. The two main heuristics it uses for written content are word count and grammar! In order to signal to Google that your content is good, you need to have a sufficient number of words and proper grammar!


Again, Google is concerned with user experience. If Google recommends websites that load slowly, it may hurt their business. A lot of optimizing load speed consists of compressing files to make your website into a smoother experience for your customers. This is something you might want anyways even if it didn’t affect your rankings!


Traffic is the lifeblood of everything on the internet. If your website has many links going to it, but little traffic, it can look suspicious to Google. Google also keeps track of statistics like click-through-rate (CTR) and bounce rate. CTR is the rate at which users click on your website on the search engine results page (SERP). The more people choose your site on the SERPs, the higher you rank on the SERPs. Makes sense. The bounce rate measures the rate users quickly leave your site after clicking on a link. A high bounce rate signals to Google that users aren’t finding what they are looking for.

Overall, traffic and SEO combine in a cyclical fashion. High traffic creates high rankings and high rankings create high traffic. This is one of the beauties of a well-done SEO job. SEO that brings you to the top of the rankings can be self-perpetuating and create a powerful asset for your business for many years to come. Where the traffic comes from is also relevant. As a Rochester SEO firm, we will help you get local Rochester traffic.


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